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Mad Hatter Tribute to Carol Novack

Mad Hatters’ Review 13 is a tribute issue to founder and editor Carol Novack (1948-2011). The issue includes a number of her works as well as works by others in tribute to Carol. Editor Marc Vincenz (Reykjavik, Iceland) in his editor’s stateme writes of working with Carol, those final months which came too quickly, and the continuation of Mad Hatter ventures:

“I have heard whispers that a few of you of little faith believed that MadHat in all of its incarnations would never survive Carol—some, I understand, have questioned the viability of Mad Hatters’ Review without its revolutionary leader at the helm. Well, I hope with the advent of this tribute issue, that your doubts will have been swayed. MadHat will continue, and we shall strive to bring you more exuberant content than ever before. Long live MadHat! ¡Viva la Revolución!

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