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Literature of Martial Arts: Tomiki Sensei’s Writings

“Tomiki Sensei, in addition to being a superb martial artist, was also a man of the letters and of arts. As a man of letters, Tomiki published numerous articles on Judo, Aikido, the relationship between the martial arts and Eastern religious and philosophical traditions, articles on the proper place of the martial arts in the modern world, and of course articles on the technical aspects of various martial arts techniques. His masterwork is entitled Budo-ron, or The Theory of Budo. This book is widely acknowledged in Japan to be one of the most significant 20th Century contributions to martial arts theory and thought. Unfortunately, it remains to be translated into any Western language. However, two of Tomiki Sensei’s more influential essays, fortunately, have been translated: ‘The Fundamental Principles of Judo’ and ‘On Jujitsu and Its Modernization’.” (Vassar College Aikido Club)

To read both translations, visit the Vassar College Aikido Club Website.

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