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Literary Couples and their Writing

Iron Horse Literary Review‘s latest issue is the “Duet Issue,” featuring writing from some writers who are in relationships with other writers. “Every writer, at some time or another, imagines finding a mate who understands the ups and downs of creativity, the victories and failures of publishing,the obsessive love/hate relationships we have with our manuscripts,” writes Editor Leslie Jill Patterson in the foreword. “Who else could this soulmate be but another writer, whom we might collide with at a reading, or while traveling, or during a workshop? …. Writer couples, we believe, encourage each other to write, and support one another steadfastly when readers turn critical…”

This issue features work from these couples: Kim Barnes & Robert Wrigley, Landon Houle & Adam Houle, Jessica Jacobs & Nickole Brown, and Eula Biss & John Bresland. The magazine’s regular features also revolve around this “duet” theme.

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