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Lit Mag Covers :: Picks of the Week

This isn’t so much about the cover as it is about the whole design of the book. Being modeled by our two copies above (on my cluttered desk), Garbanzo‘s design includes a dust jacket (you’ll find it’s been stamped on the inside), fold out pages, a ribbon bookmark, and a unique binding. This particular issue goes along with the Halloween feel of fall with die-cut bats (one of which fell out and quickly attached itself to the backside of the cat that likes to roll around on the floor). I appreciate that while it is simple, it makes a unique experience for the reader and has an almost handmade feel (especially since each issue is numbered on the inside jacket).

Cover art for this issue of Boulevard is an acrylic on canvas by Rafal Olbinski called “Permission from Silence,” 2009. This one is a definite favorite of our managing editor: “I just still love that cover,” she keeps saying.

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