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Lit Mag Covers :: Picks of the Week

The overall style of Santa Monica Review isn’t particularly striking, but the image they selected for this Spring 2014 issue is. There’s something about the young girl’s eyes and the way the black lamb just gently rests in her arms, not trying to get away, that makes it hard to look away. The piece is by Deborah Davidson titled Leaving Home.


The cover of the latest North Dakota Quarterly is James Bassler’s Rib Shield, painted silk wrap, woven, cut, and sewn. “In the 1980s his work underwent a dramatic change after his exposure to the Navajo wedge weaving process and the art of John Cage.” You really have to see it up close to appreciate it as you should—I’d love to see it in person!


The image on Poetry‘s May 2014 issue takes over the cover. It’s titled “Torch” and is done by Kate McQuillen as part of her collection called Body Scans. See more here.
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