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KS Rives on Fogged Clarity

Fogged Clarity online arts review has several artists featured in their newest issue, but I found the work by KS Rives, After India, particularly compelling. She had been on a visit to India when she began this series: “The ideas for these pieces originated from my visions during meditation while staying at the ashram, and the drawings of them were done before returning to the states. These works were finished in Chicago, and are also greatly affected by the tumult that overtook my life upon reintroduction to the West. All of the materials found [in the artwork] were picked up off the litter-filled streets of Indian towns: Delhi, Amenebhad, Kochin, and Varanasi. The writings (on the back of each piece and journal-style on paper) serve to reflect both my time in India and life since coming home.”

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