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Kid-Safe Space for Podcasts

This site invites kids to create their own podcasts as well as allowing adults to post kid-appropriate casts (and no doubt, the kids helped with the process). Each podcast is “age-rated” and reviewed before being posted. Some of the casts are adults reading stories or “lessons” for kids, while others created by kids include discussions of discrimination, global warming, and book reviews. It’s amazing to hear the professionalism of some of these kids. Check it out!

The Kid-Cast.com
“Kid-Cast.com is a site dedicated to helping kids get their message out to the world. Our goals aren’t to tell kids how or what they should Podcast, but to give them a place to do it. It’s a place we want adults (parents, guardians, and teachers) to know is a safe place for their kids to spend time creating their Podcasts to have them posted. We’re serious about kid’s and your safety, so we take as many precautions as we can to make this a healthy place for kid’s material to be posted. We don’t want to rule the world of podcasting, we want the kids to do it!”

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