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Kaufman Attacks the E

Alan Kaufman’s essay The Electronic Bookburning on The Evergreen Review addresses a number of issues on “the impact of Hi-Tech on Book Culture.” An essay from which every single line is integral and effective quoting nearly impossible, but, alas, if you are still resisting going to read it, here are a few lines that might take you there:

“One wonders why Nourrey cannot simply advise E- Book to go fuck itself…”
“The book is fast becoming the despised Jew of our culture.”
“I know many writers who do not see anything wrong in any of this…”
“Not since the advent of Christianity has the world witnessed so sweeping a change in the very fabric of human existence.”
“And its endgame is the disappearance of not just books but of all things human.”

While its “Holocaust as metaphor” may be strong for some, its position of resistance is a valid voice in this ongoing discussion.

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