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Kaleidoscope Goes Digital

In the editor’s note in Kaleidoscope‘s Issue 66, Gail Willmott announces that the magazine has been given two choices: go online only, or cease publication. There has been a whole-hearted decision to make it go digital. “To be honest,” she writes, “I have mixed feelings about this transition. For me part of the joy of completing each issue of the magazine has been holding the tangible, finished product in my hands.” However, we she found out the ultimatum, she chose to continue the magazine. “In truth there will be many positive developments as Kaleidoscope goes online. First, many more people will have access . . . Second, readers will be able to view all of the artwork in color rather than in black and white as is now the case . . . Third, it is my hope that without the cost of printing, there may soon come a time when we will not be strictly limited to 64 pages, which means making more of the excellent work of our contributors available to a much wider audience.” She wishes that readers will continue to read the magazine as it transitions to a digital form.

This current issue, themed “Significant Relationships,” features Janeen McGuire’s “One Blue Eye,” Peter L. Pingerelli’s “Dart Frogs and Love,” Cynthia Lim’s “The Gum-Chewing Notary,” and more.

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