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Ka Mate Ka Ora & The North Down South

Published by the New Zealand Electronic Poetry Centre (*nzepc*), the ninth issue of Ka Mate Ka Ora: A New Zealand Journal of Poetry and Poetics offers a special focus on North American legacies in the southern hemisphere:

Murray Edmond, Trade and True: Anthologies Fifty Years After Donald Allen’s The New American Poetry
Virginia Gow, The Activity of Evidence: Robert Creeley’s New Zealand
Jeffrey Paparoa Holman, Hello, America: Christchurch’s 1970s Pacific Moment
Scott Hamilton, Before Erebus: Five Footnotes to Kendrick Smithyman’s ‘Aircrash in Antarctica’
Ian Wedde, Does Poetry Matter?
Roger Horrocks, Leigh Davis (1955-2009)
Paul Millar, Jacquie Baxter / JC Sturm (1927-2009)
Murray Edmond, ‘Landed Poem Upwards’: Martyn Sanderson (1938-2009)
Robert Sullivan, Cape Return: for Alistair Te Ariki Campbell (1925-2009)

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*kmko* is edited by Murray Edmond with assistance from Hilary Chung, Michele Leggott, and Lisa Samuels at the University of Auckland, and with the support of a team of consulting and contributing editors. It publishes research essays and readings of New Zealand-related material and welcomes contributions from poets, academics, essayists, teachers and students from within New Zealand and overseas. Submission guidelines and further information at www.nzepc.auckland.ac.nz/kmko/about.asp

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