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John Lithgow + Cheerios = Books

First Book has teamed up with Cheerios and John Lithgow to present this year’s Cheerios Book Donation Challenge, which gives readers the chance to determine where Cheerios will donate 100,000 new books by Lithgow to children across the country. For every question answered correctly, readers can vote for the state they’d like to receive new books for children in need. The top 5 vote-getting states will each receive 20,000 new books for local children! Votes can be cast from now until Sunday, June 15!

I tried the “quiz” – questions are taken from books promoted through Cheerios Spoonfuls of Stories program (with Simon & Schuster). For each question I got correct, I was able to pick which state I wanted to receive the books. I went through about 15 questions and, not having read the books, got 11 questions correct. It would be good encouragement for kids to have them read at least some of the books in advance and see if they could answer the questions for those books. I don’t know if there’s a cap on the number of questions – but wrong answers don’t stop you from continuing.

Organizations that want to be considered to receive free books can sign up on the First Book website.

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