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Interview with Farideh Hassanzadeh-Mostafavi

The Winter 2011 online issue of New Mirage Journal includes Georgia Ann Banks-Martin’s interview with Iranian poet Farideh Hassanzadeh-Mostafavi as well as a selection of the poet’s work.

The interview begins: “What inspires you to write?”

FH-M: “Violence. I mean my need to resist against violence. And violence has many manifestations such as fall, disloyalty, darkness, indifference, absence, ignorance, war, censorship, fetters, and many other things, sometimes as simple as a single white hair mid the black curls!”

New Mirage Journal is a quarterly journal publishing poetry from all over the world. “We are interested in high quality work that dares to speak of race, the human condition, the ‘struggle’ in fresh new ways.”

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