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In Praise of the Independent Bookstore

A look at L.A.’s independent bookstore scene
LA Times
March 9, 2008

Despite the pending demise of Dutton’s, special bookstores remain. Writers describe their favorites:

“Independent bookstores are not just treasure troves for writers and readers because of the shelves filled with books that may be out of print or published by small presses, like Milkweed; they are the literary writer’s champion and hand-seller and friend. The independent bookstores around the nation where I go to read now on a book tour are oases of knowledge and goodwill, with owners and staff who know my work and the work of writers I admire. They are great places to give readings, because of their loyal customers and their quirky environments. (In fact, when I read at Elliott Bay in Seattle, many years ago, it was the first time I’d ever seen coffee in a bookstore, and look how that works now.)” — Susan Straight

Read more from Susan Straight as well as Janet Fitch, Marisa Silver, Chris Abani, T. Jefferson Parker, Eric Lax, and Yxta Maya Murray on LA Times.

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