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In Memoriam :: Marilyn French

From Gloria Jacobs, Feminist Press Executive Director:

Marilyn French, a Feminist Press author and honorary board member, died on May 3. We are very proud to be the publisher of all of Marilyn’s latest works, including her novel, In the Name of Friendship, and her extraordinary 4-volume history of women in the world, From Eve to Dawn. I am especially pleased that Marilyn lived to see that opus published and to see the extensive review that appeared in the New York Review of Books by Hillary Mantel. Marilyn unfortunately did not live to see her latest work, the novel The Love Children, in print. The Press will be publishing it in September.

Marilyn had an indominatable spirit. She faced numerous illnesses over many years and not only kept going but kept producing new work throughout—including the memoir she had been working on and had hoped to finish. She will be deeply missed by her many friends, her adoring readership, and all of us who delighted in her feisty, spirited presence.

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