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In Memoriam :: Laura Ulewicz

Poet Laura Ulewicz
1930 – 2007

An excerpt from Stephen Vincent‘s blog, October 14, 2007:

“In the late fifties through the early seventies, Laura Ulewicz – a Polish-American woman from Detroit – was very present in both North Beach and the Haight-Ashbury. (In the late sixties she owned the I & Thou Coffee Shop on Haight Street, a singular venue for poetry readings during a time in which the interest in poetry had been replaced by the music, drugs, etc.) [. . .] I would say that Laura wrote some very significant poems, indeed quite fierce, probing and smart – drawing from her Polish American roots, her wanderings back and forth across the country, and her encounters in California. Romantic in its sense of quest, but definitely very smart and counter-romantic in terms of its continental yield [read the rest along with SV’s response to one of her poems].”

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