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Hunger Mountain 10th Year Anniversary

Ten years ago, with the fall issue of 2002, Hunger Mountain lit mag was born. To honor their anniversary in the Fall 2012 issue, Hunger Mountain asked past contributors and editors to make lists of ten things, any kind of list they wanted. Here are some of the lists:

Robin Black: 10 spaces in my ideal home
Abby Frucht: 10 names for men’s hair dyes
Sascha Feinstein: 10 possible engravings for the tombstone I won’t have
Jewel Parker Rhodes: 10 books that I share with my kids
Bruce Smith: 10 songs with chicken in the title
Gish Jen’s daughter and friend, age 13: 10 things not to eat while reading

These lists and more can be read in the Fall 2012 issue along with new writing from Kirsten Clodfelter, Clarence Lai, Donald Quist, Gary Moore, Suzanne Parker, Jesse Damiani, Katherine Hollander, Muriel Nelson, Ellen LaFleche, Steven Harvey, Pam Houston, Sally Derby, and many more.

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