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Humor Times in the Classroom

A great idea for Fall 2008 classes, especially considering the upcoming elections. Not only does Humor Times offer a hefty discount for classroom use (50 copies a month for apprx. $60 per semester), but there are also resources on their site for teachers. From the Humor Times website:

Using the Humor Times and Editorial Cartoons in the Classroom

Here’s a not-so-well kept secret many teachers have discovered: Editorial cartoons make great teaching aides! They are naturally entertaining, and therefore can be used to pique students’ interest in many subjects, including current events, government, history, social studies, etc. And as every teacher knows, getting a student’s attention is the first prerequisite for instructing them in any subject matter.

But getting them interested is just the first advantage of using editorial cartoons. They are also quite educating in their own right. Studying political cartoons will enable students to better understand the importance of current events. The cartoons may be used to help develop both factual knowledge and interpretive skills. Editorial cartoons can stimulate discussion and provide interesting writing topics.

Analyzing editorial cartoons helps to strengthen analytical and other higher-order thinking skills. Cartoons are used to convey not just political, but also social issues. Editorial cartoons can be used in a variety of ways, and can be integrated into any lesson plan. And best of all, students respond quite well to cartoons.

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