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Hullaballoo for Halloween

An Iowa Writer’s Workshop graduate, Laurel Snyder is one of those people who never seems to slow down: involved in a dozen cool projects all at once (like contributing this article for NANO young writers) – while raising a family and holding down that whole other part of life! To no surprise, she’s got a new children’s book out, and it’s a perfect match for Halloween, Inside the Slidy Diner – a collaborative work with fa-boo artist Jaime Zollars.

Laurel says of the book: “Inside the Slidy Diner is a picture book with collage-y painty pages, about a little girl named Edie, who is doomed to a life in a greasy spoon full of lady fingers that really are. Clatter and DIN! Hullaballoo! Someone is ALWAYS running with scissors. But goodbyes have been BANNED! (And if the Slidy Diner happens to resemble the Hamburg Inn, where I spent four years of my life, well–that’s merely a coincidence!) It’s a perfect book for Halloween (though not JUST for Halloween).”

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