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How to Save the World

A book worth note in these days and times of “woe is me” and “what can I do about it?” and “I have to do SOMETHING!”

Building Powerful Community Organizations
A Personal Guide to Creating Groups that Can Solve Problems and Change the World
by Michael Jacoby Brown (Long Haul Press)
A guidebook for people who want to make a difference in the world and know they can’t do it alone. This new book, with stories, personal exercises and lessons learned, provides detailed information to help you build a new group or strengthen an old one to solve problems in your community, workplace or the world. It includes details about how to:
Take specific steps to build an effective group from the start
Revitalize an existing group
Tap into the special resources and talents of your particular community or group
Recruit participants and keep them active – so that all the work does not fall on your shoulders
Inspire others to take on tasks and responsibility
Structure the group so that it runs the way you want it to
Foster members’ passion for the cause
Run meetings that engage your members and achieve your goals
Raise money to keep the work going
Plan and carry out effective actions to win improvements in the real world
Reflect and learn from your actions to build a powerful group for the long haul
Build a sense of caring and community within your organization

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