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Houdini and the Art of Illusion

The summer issue of The Missouri Review includes a special feature on Houdini. “Many fascinating things are known about Houdini,” writes Editor Speer Morgan, “partly because he was an assiduous collector of his own materials and also of rare books and gear concerning the history of magic. There are also so many myths and partial truths about him, which this feature tries to clarify, including stories of his death at age fifty-two and the nature of his relationship with the all-powerful milieu of spiritualism.” The feature, by Kristine Somerville and Morgan, includes history, photographs, and poster/advertisements for his shows.

The issue also includes a piece by Peter Selgin on New York; a piece by Peter LaSalle on Paris; and new work from Aaron Baker, Michael Benedict, Lania Knight, Peter Levine, Nathan Oates, Dan O’Brien, Pamela Painter, Diane Seuss, and more.

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