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Grain’s 40th Anniversary

Open to the first page of Grain Magazine‘s latest issue, and you’ll find a note that says, “If you are here for the party, please use the back door.” This issue marks their 40th Anniversary and is subtitled, “Making It.” In the editor’s note, Rilla Friesen writes, “‘Making It’ is, in one sense, about how we make our works what they are. Kyle Beal, our featured artist, writes, ‘I recently overheard a person remark at the novelty and forgotten pleasure of writing with a pencil. A timely real-life event that anecdotally affirms, or at least suggests, the notion that the act of note-leaving has become somewhat anachronistic, or at least quaint. A little like sitting down to make a drawing on a twelve-by-nine sheet of paper.’ Both Lund-Teigen and Beal prompted me to consider how writing is about making something, and we prepare the artefact that you now hold in your hands, the Grain team has made something too. And what we make is worth fighting for–literally and metaphorically.”

The issue features work by Tim Bowling, Lorna Crozier, Dorothy Field, Patrick Lane, Jeannette Lynes, rob mclennan, Jonathan Ball, Adrienne Gruber, David Carpenter, and more.

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