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Gourmet Politics

From the “Great stories in places you might not expect them” file: Gourmet Magazine.

I picked up a couple of “free copies” of these left on a bench on campus last year (those of you who free recycle instead of throwing away your mags – love ya!). In one, I came across the feature “Food Politics” – “The Politics of the Plate: The Price of Tomatoes” – and it has forever changed my tomato buying habits (in addition to my trying to grow my own tomatoes this summer). Not only does Gourmet Magazine feature the political food essay in their print publication, but their website offers the essay along with related articles, reader commentary, and follow up. I never expected to find this kind of content in a magazine I picked up hoping for a few new recipes; now it’s the first feature I read when I pick up the latest issues of this publication.

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