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Global Slums Exhibit

The Places We Live by Jonas Bendiksen includes an online exhibit of sounds and images of slums in Caracas – Venezula; Kibera, Nairobi – Kenya; Jakarta – Indonesia; and Dharavi, Mumbai – India. After the stunning introduction, you can click on each country for further images as well as several “houses” to visit. For each visit, there is audio and an interactive image that can be viewed using your mouse.

“The year 2008 has witnessed a major shift in the way people across the world live: for the first time in human history more people live in cities than in rural areas. This triumph of the urban, however, does not entirely represent progress, as the number of people living in urban slums—often in abject conditions—will soon exceed one billion.”

The Places We Live is also a traveling exhibit and available as a book, with signed copies at the Magnum Photo store.

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