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Georgia Poets

Southern Poetry Review‘s new issue features Georgia Poets. In their original call for submissions, they were clear that they weren’t necessarily looking for work that addressed Georgia or the South, but instead should come from poets that were from Georgia or had a significant connection to it. “We wanted to see who was, so to speak, out there,” writes Co-Editor James Smith. “A few of the poems do, indeed, make passing reference to Georgia, and some of them, to a large extent, are “about” the South, but the reader must decide if the other poems carry any redolence of place. We decided not to arrange the issue, as we usually do, selecting a poem with which to lead off, one with which to end, and intimating connections along the way . . . but in an issue devoted to a particular group of poets, we wanted to be careful not to give the impression of ranking, so we chose the alphabetical approach and found nonetheless many interesting juxtapositions and groupings.”

So, in alphabetically order, the issue includes Rebecca Baggett, Coleman Barks, Beverly Burch, Kathryn Stripling Byer, George David Clark, Alfred Corn, Heather Cousins, Blanche Farley, Rupert Fike, Starkey Flythe Jr., Gregory Fraser, Alice Friman, Roberta George, Sarah Gordon, William Greenway, Linda Lee Harper, Gordon Johnston, Robert S. King, Nick McRae, Judson Mitcham, Eric Nelson, William L. Ramsey, Rosemary Royston, Anya Silver, Nancy Simpson, Charlie Smith, Matthew Buckley Smith, Ron Smith, R. T. Smith, A. E. Stallings, Memye Curtis Tucker, Austin Wilson, Edward Wilson, and William Wright.

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