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From minds more creative…

Seems some Harvard guys got together for this behind-the-scenes remake of Marcel Proust’s Swann’s Way – remade in the zombie version, Swann’s Blood.

On the coattails – or should I say dragging entrails of – Seth Grahame-Smith’s zombiefied Pride and Prejudice, this making-of video is a nice jab at the remake (dare I say) genre.

James Leaf as Director William St. Forte introduces the work: “To me a great film tells you something about yourself, and often I find that something is: you’re a zombie.”

St. Forte later comments on working with the scriptwriter: “His first draft was very introspective. But I found if I just changed the word ‘memory’ to ‘bloodsplosion,’ well, everything worked out alright.”

Steven De Marco as BJ Hardon (really?) as Marcel Proust: “When did this happen? I have no bloodsplosion about it.”

Ten minutes of total literary fun.

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