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Fractured West’s Final Issue

Fractured West, which announced some time ago that it would be ceasing publication, has come out with their fifth and final issue. Here’s all about it:

“Issue 5 is about endings and beginnings, the world after the world is over. In futuristic stories debris cascades back to earth from outer space while humans and animals run wild together; in personal stories relationships self-destruct and are reborn. Whatever else happens, people slip from life to death with freedom and hope for something more.

A theme of ending and renewal is appropriate for what will be our final issue. It has been a wonderful five years, full of unexpected stories and characters that will stay with us for years to come. As we both move on to new stages in our lives we hope the writing that we’ve published in Fractured West will stay with you too, reminding you to catch those glimpses of magic whenever and however they flash by.”

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