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Finalists Announced :: Tupelo Press

Best of luck to finalists and semifinalists of the Tupelo Press 2008 Snowbound Chapbook Award. They anticipate announcing the winner this May.

Lisa Beskin – Belchertown, MA, Shadow Globe
Remica Bingham – Norfolk, VA, The Body Speaks
Deb Casey – Eugene, OR, Spit & Purr, What Shines: A Several Sisters Chapbook
John de Stefano – New York, NY, From: Critical Opalescence and the Blueness of Sky
Mary Molinary – Memphis, TN, The Book of 8:38
Jamie O’Halloran – Los Angeles, CA, The Visible Woman
Howard Robertson – Eugene, OR, Three Odes to Gaia
Robin Beth Schaer – New York, NY, Almost Tiger
Suzume Shi – New London, CT, Ao
Jacob Shores-Arguello – Fayetteville, AR, John Barleycorn Must Die
John Surowiecki – Amston, CT, Mr. Niedzwiedzki’s Pink House
Janet Sylvester – Kittery, ME, The Unbinding
Stacey Waite – Pittsburgh, PA, the lake has no saint

Hadara Bar-Nadav – Kansas City, MO, Fable of Flesh
Colin Cheney – Brooklyn, NY, Here There Be Monsters
Mark Conway – Avon, MN, Dreaming Man, Face Down
John de Stefano – New York, NY, From: Three-Body Problems
Joanne Diaz – Chicago, IL, Violin
Jennifer Kwon Dobbs – Astoria, NY, Mongrel Angels
Matthew Hittinger – Astoria, NY, Spectacular Reflection
Christina Hutchins – Albany, CA, Dark Creek
M. Smith Janson – Florence, MA, Letter Written in this Life, Mailed from the Next
Jesse Lee Kercheval – Madison, WI, My Life as a Silent Movie
Sandra Kohler – Dorchester, MA, Final Summer
Gary Copeland Lilley – Swannanoa, NC, Wade In Da Wahtuh
Matthew Lippman – Claverack, NY, Moses
Mike Maniquiz – Clovis, CA, Cooking Frutti Di Mare on This Early Evening Before the Night Falls on Kentucky Hillsides
Mary Helen Molinary – Memphis, TN, This Book of Sun
Rusty Morrison – Richmond, CA, Insolence
Teresa Pfeifer – Chicopee, MA, Little Matryoshka
Joseph Radke – Milwaukee, WI, A Source of Reasons
Boyer Rickel – Tucson, AZ, reliquary
Reginald Shepherd – Pensacola, FL, Photos of the Fallen World: Poems
Page Hill Starzinger – New York, NY, Black Tongue
Barry Sternleib – Richmond, MA, Winter Crows
Jonathan Weinert – Concord, MA, Charged Particles

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