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Fiction :: Amy Brill

Something So Nice for Nobody
by Amy Brill
April 2008

Last year sucked for everybody, except maybe Jackie, who found true happiness with Carlene. He moved out just after Labor Day, leaving a bunch of stuff behind and promising to help me out with rent until I could figure things out. I’ll hold my breath for your help, I told him. And if you don’t come and get your crap out of here it’s all going in the dumpster, I swear. Then I slammed down the phone and went outside to smoke. My neighbor Ray was out on the stoop. He didn’t look quite like himself, either.

Everything all right, Ray? I called over, and when he looked back at me his eyes were filling up.

Mag and I lost a son today, he said. I went down my steps and crossed over to his side of the railing…

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