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Feminism: The Icelandic Perspective

Feminism, a Dirty Word
Nanna Árnadóttir
From Iceland Review

Feminism has become something of a taboo I’ve noticed. It’s beginning to annoy me a little actually.

It’s like some dirty word now. Feminist. Like saying you’re a feminist equates you with standing on the steps of City Hall and setting your bra on fire. I cherish my bra, anything that can support these puppies is alright in my book, and I still call myself a feminist…Now some might argue that feminism has always been taboo because any attempt by women to create equality is taboo, but I’m not of that opinion. I think feminism in the Nordic countries (Iceland included) has become taboo because most women think they evened the playing field already…And yet women in countries like Iceland are being abused by stuff that—if feminism were more integrated into people’s lives—might not actually be happening…[read the rest]

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