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Featured Online Alt Mag :: Bad Subjects

Bad Subjects, founded in 1992 at UC Berkley, is a collective that publishes a magazine (Bad Subjects: Political Education for Everyday Life) and provides access to it via a public-access website. In 1998, Bad Subjects founded a small educational nonprofit corporation, also called Bad Subjects, which promotes the progressive use of new media and print publications. Donations to the nonprofit go toward funding printed copies of the magazine Bad Subjects (distributed for free), and other related projects, such as Bad Subjects books. Bad Subjects seeks to revitalize progressive politics in retreat. We think too many people on the left have taken their convictions for granted. So we challenge progressive dogma by encouraging readers to think about the political dimension to all aspects of everyday life. We also seek to broaden the audience for leftist and progressive writing, through a commitment to accessibility and contemporary relevance.”

Issue 78 (July 2007), devoted to “Hope,” includes the following:
Introduction: Hope Floats on a Paper Boat by Zack Furness
The Moral Politics of Hope by Gary McCarron
Utopia and the City: An Interview with David Pinder by Zack Furness
The War FOR Illegals by Helen Hintjens
The Sanctity of Life by Tamara Watkins
Future Now! Criticism Machines Strengthen Communities by Mike Mosher
(The Invisibles) Hope: A Comic Interlude by Maxwell Schnurer
Reflections on the Sixties by Anonymous
Our Arrest: Four Women’s Antiwar Action in Chicago by Rosalie Riegle
If George Bush Were a Religious Man… Cartoon by Myrrh
Snapshots of Hope, Part One: The New Bird Flu by Chelsea Robinson
Snapshots of Hope, Part Two: Trapped in a Box by Brandy Betz
Snapshots of Hope, Part Three: The Situation by Bianca Wylie
Snapshots of Hope, Part Four: The American Shabbiness by Braxton Marnus

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