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Featured Mag :: RootsWorld

RootsWorld: Listening to the Planet is primarily a world and roots music magazine” whose “first mission is to bring our readers good information and knowledgeable opinions about the world of music and culture.”

RootsWorld is a great portal to world music. “World music.” Once when this was my answer to a co-worker asking me what I liked to listen to, he then said, “That’s what people say when they don’t know what they like.” Clearly, his concept of “world music” was overplayed cafe loops of Putomayo CDs. Don’t get me wrong, I have a few of those brightly colored CDs in my collection, but they served their purpose – to get me out looking for the individual musicians. That’s where RootsWorld comes in.

RootsWorld features a dozen musicians and their albums on their homepage with links to more information about each and a sample track. Additionally, the site offers interviews, reviews, and Roots Radio – extended programs of music from several artists. Defnitely the place to visit if you are indeed a true world music fan!

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