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EXPeriemental Poetics and Aesthetics

EXPerimental Poetics and Aesthetics is a bi-annual, online, peer-reviewed journal featuring research on intermediate genre such as visual poetry, performance poetry, digital poetry,sound poetry, fractal poetry etc. as well as book reviews, performance reviews and other reviews that deal with experimental poetic modes.

From the editorial: “EXPerimental Poetics and Aesthetics wants to generate a space for critical reflection on hybrid forms of poetry and art. We are looking for papers and research projects of different kinds that can expand our perceptions and reflections on issues such as aesthetics, visual-aural perception and neuroaesthetics, technology and computerization in poetry, experimental poetry, digital poetry, visual poetry, fractal poetry, quantum poetry, combinatory poetry, performance poetry, etc.”

The publication accepts submissions may be sent in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

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