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Expats: New Feature

ZZYZZYVA, a magazine that has “defined its regional character with a longstanding dedication to publishing writers, artists, poets, and translators who live on the West Coast.” In the editor’s note of the most recent issue, Laura Cogan writes, “As many of us have sensed at one time or another, the West Coast is more than a region. It is a state of mind, an experience you carry with you, wherever else life leads.”

“In this wider context, we’re compelled to note the continuing contributions to this literary conversation by those who’ve passed through the region and left their mark. With this issue we launch the debut of a new special section titled ‘Expats.” Here you’ll find poetry and literature by West Coast writers whose work or lives have now drawn them, for the time being, eastward.”

Writers featured in this new “Expats” section are John Freeman, Dagoberto Gilb, Edie Meidav, and Luis Alberto Urrea. Other writers in the issue include Brian Boies, Gilad Elbom, Jane Gilliette, Tom

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