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Essays :: Coffee Reconciliation

Shilling for Starbucks
How I Made Peace with Coffee and the Green Machine

By Hal Brill

“I brewed myself a cup of coffee today. No big deal, except that until a few weeks ago I had never done that. Coffee occupied a blurry place in my psyche – I liked it but also feared the bean. A couple of jittery, heart-racing experiences had taught me to minimize consumption. I avoided learning barista skills to keep temptation off the table.

“The blend I had this afternoon was of fresh Starbucks beans that arrived unexpectedly, a gift from the company after our recent tour. It achieved exactly what they hoped, sealing my fate. I’ve become not only a coffee drinker, but also a converted Starbucks fan. YIKES! How can this be? Is there something in their brew that has crushed my will to resist both stimulants and corporate allegiance?”

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