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Epistolary Magazine of Writing and Art

In their second issue, the staff of The Liner says that the magazine has honed on it’s identity: “We’ve always loved correspondences, with a particular interest in those of writers and artists, so with this issue we’re launching our new identity as an epistolary magazine of writing and art. Sometimes sending a piece of mail feels like a great act of faith: so much trust is placed upon the postal service with an item which likely has no duplicate in this world. If it is lost, it is gone for good, and yet somehow it usually reaches its destination, even if it takes a while,” writes Editor Gloria Kim.

This issue features Mustafa Abubaker, Neelanjana Banerjee, Morgan Blair, Matt Craven, Sean Dougherty, Romesh Gunesekera, David Jien, Marian Kilcoyne, Andrew Knauer, Elizabeth O’Brien, Allen Sweat, Marissa Textor, Paul Wackers, and Noah Wilson.

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