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Elie Wiesel Award Acceptance Recording

The Kenyon Review selected Elie Wiesel as the winner of the 2012 Kenyon Review Award for Literary Achievement. “Wiesel is the author of more than fifty books, most famous among them his haunting work Night. His writing deals with the moral imperative of all people to fight hatred, racism, and genocide. He is a Holocaust survivor and a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. Wiesel accepted the Kenyon Review award in New York City on Nov. 8.” The Kenyon Review has made available on its website: a recording of Roger Rosenblatt’s remarks; a recording of Wiesel’s Nov. 8th acceptance speech; a short reading by Natalie Shapero and Elizabeth Lindsey Rogers, the current Kenyon Review Fellows; a link to c overage (with photos) of the 2012 event by Bloomberg News.

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