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Educational Kids Comics

Not quite the way I remember comic books from my childhood, but then, I didn’t grow up with these issues. Maybe reading them as adults couldn’t hurt…
Teddi Toys, Inc.
“Team GK is a group of homeless children who are brought together by a rogue government agency for an evil experiment. They escaped and are now living at the Great Kids Children’s Home in Chicago, IL. They develop their new powers and abilities through special mental preparation. Their training is funded by CONSCIENCE, a secret organization. The children make it their personal mission to protect their city, our nation and our world from villanous plots of the evil CONSORTIUM society. Available online in full-color page links: Team GK and the Monster Plan features the story of GK heroes battling a monster created from an HIV infected cell, and Team GK and the Merchants of Death finds them battling the tobacco industry.”

Ghetto Kids
“This site provides educational comic strips for kids by grade levels from 1st to 4th grade. Choose the character your child wants to read about and choose a grade level. These stories have open endings to facilitate discussion of how the stories will end and the repercussions of the character’s actions.”

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