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Editorial Changes at The Antigonish Review

The Summer 2013 issue of The Antigonish Review starts out with a note of thanks. Ellen Rose and Tony Tremblay are retiring as editors of Essays/Articles after thirteen years of work. And after an anecdote of a grad school prank, the new section editor, Tony Fabijančić, writes, “I want to shift the emphasis slightly from the cerebral to the visceral, to the guts of experience, the heat of the sun, dust of the road, without shutting the door on intellectual works, interviews with Canadian literati, and the like. Writers of travel sketches, personal memoirs, other essays which fall under the rubric of creative nonfiction, provided they aren’t boring, don’t descend into sentimentality and are polished gem-hard writing-wise, will always be welcome. Within these general parameters the possibilities are endless…”

The issue features work from  George Elliott Clarke, John Barton, Trevor Sawler, Barry Dempster, and more, plus “Skating on Bubbles, Polar Visions, Accidental Presidents, Houses of Cloud, and more.”

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