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Editorial Changes at North Dakota Quarterly

The editor’s note in the latest issue of North Dakota Quarterly starts, “For the first time in 31 years, our editor Robert Lewis no longer heads our efforts. On August 26, 2013, Bob passed away, leaving behind a remarkable legacy. . . It was Bob’s passions and interests that drove NDQ, and they were many . . . One of his most endearing traits was his sense of humor, which was dry, dry, dry. . . We still feel his presence. In this limited space, it’s impossible to give a sense of such a rich and complex man. We are planning a special tribute issue to him which should be out in summer 2014.”

Sharon Carson is the Interim Editor, and the issue features writing from Dana Salvador, Brad McDuffie, Ted Kooser, Holly Day, Patricia Hooper, Brian Maxwell, Anne Valley-Fox, Fred Cardin, Sharon Chmielarz, Gregory Gagnon, and more.

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