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E-Poetry Fest in Barcelona

E-Poetry Festival
May 24-27, 2009
Universitat Obertat de Catalunya (UOC), Barcelona
E-Poetry is both a conference and a festival. The festival is the most significant digital literary gathering in the field. Authors and researchers worldwide meet and present their researches and works. This will permit researchers to present their latest research and artists to premier their newest works. A selection of the papers will be published after the conference following the peer review system. Artistic events will take place at key Barcelona venues such as the Barcelona Center for Contemporary Culture, providing authors the opportunity to present their works to a public curious about new literary and artistic trends employing technology and communication during the Setmana de la Poesia.

Paper topics:
– Close readings of specific works of e-poetry.
– Discussing the terminology: ontologies and definitions of e-poetry and e-lit forms: a historic approach to e-poetry.
– Relations between e-poetry and other literary and artistic forms and movements.
– Translating e-poetry
– Recording, presenting, archiving and preserving e-poetry. Devices, modalities and writing tools.
– Teaching e-poetry: experiences, results and goals.

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