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draft Goes Through Drafts, Too

draft, “The Journal of Process,” is now in it’s third issue, and as it is a magazine that publishes drafts of the writing process, it also goes through its own changes:

  • In the first issues, they’ve published poetry and fiction. In this one, they’ve now added nonfiction. “We’re very pleased to have early and final drafts of Joe Wilkins’ essay ‘Growing Up Hard’ which was first published in Orion Magazine and a finalist for a 2010 National Magazine Award in the Essay category.
  • In addition to the interviews that follow, they have added author comments to the drafts. “As you read this issue’s story by Roxane Gay, you’ll find markers in the margin flagging types of edits. These notes will point to where an edit has been made and what kind . . .”
  •  Lisa Ciccarello has been added as the poetry editor. Current editorial board Rachel Yoder and Mark Polanzak say, “we are blown away by the insight she brings with her knowledge and love of poetry.”
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