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Disability Nation Charge :: Where Were You on Prop 8?

Commentary: Why PWD Need To Care About Prop 8
Submitted by Erika Jahneke
Disability Nation
November 18, 2008

“I have often thought that people with disabilities and people who are gay should be natural allies, even before all of the No on Proposition 8 protests and the subsequent rallies after election day started across the nation. The protests bring back memories of ADAPT actions I’ve been involved with in the past…

“I’ve had many amazing gay attendants, who each contributed in their own way to expanding my worldview beyond my suburban upbringing, and I owe them a great debt, as well as to many of my online friends, whose only agenda for me is that I do what makes my life better, and I’m feeling like they all got maligned on Election Day. I’m not okay with that. And, of course, many disabled people are gay, bisexual, or transgendered, and we should make it abundantly clear that anyone who tries to take their rights away has a fight with all of us. Yes, it’s a pain, but just think of it as a gift-with-purchase for the time we spent together on Hitler’s shit list…”

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