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Dennis Lehane Move from Book to Film to “Literature”

Lehane, a favorite with filmmakers, expands his literary horizon
By Chris Vognar
The Dallas Morning News

Until now you’ve been able to find Dennis Lehane’s work in two places: the mystery paperback shelves, where his superbly crafted novels have been confined to a sort of genre fiction ghetto, and the multiplex, where filmmakers have converted his cinematic prose into movies such as “Mystic River” and “Gone Baby Gone.”

The film streak won’t stop with “The Given Day,” Lehane’s epic historical novel built around the 1919 Boston police strike. Columbia Pictures has already snapped up the rights, and Sam Raimi is expected to direct. But when the book hits stores in September, you can expect to find it in the literature section — where, some might argue, Lehane’s work has belonged all along…[read the rest]

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