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Dedicated to Jake Adam York

The current issue of Copper Nickel is being dedicated to Jake Adam York, the founding and managing editor of the magazine that passed away suddenly in December of 2012 at the age of forty. “Copper Nickel was a confluence of Jake’s talents as a poet, teacher, and editor,” write the editors. “As a poet, Jake cherished the persistence of the human voice, especially in times of great duress and crisis. One could say that the journal, for Jake, was a physical manifestation of a chorus of voices, all singing different songs, sometimes in wildly different tempos and styles, but all in the name of literary art. As a teacher, Jake lived to inspire others, and he loved to watch the steady build of enthusiasm as a student discovered the unique gifts and responsibilities of the work of the literary editor. Jake’s own editorial work in particular clearly brought him profound joy. Whenever an issue gradually began to take shape, his excitement at the prospect of bringing a carefully-curated collection of writing into the world was palpable . . . We miss him dearly.”

The issue features the work of Laura Adamczyk, Margaret Bashaar, Sean Thomas Dougherty, James Flaherty, Roxane Gay, Meredith Herndon, W. Todd Kaneko, Sandy Longhorn, Natalie Mesnard, Jason Myers, Rebecca Nison, Kate Reed, Austin Segrest, Siolo Thompson, and many more.

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