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Creative Nonfiction :: Michale Stusser

Down Dog!
True confessions of that lone guy in your yoga class
by Michael Stusser
From Concsious Choice
October 2007

“I was trying to stay focused — tame my monkey mind and concentrate on the lunge at hand. Really. But the woman in front of me was a dead-ringer for Halle Berry: honey-toned skin, sparkling teeth, hour-glass figure. Drishti! As we set up in Warrior, I noticed a tattoo at the small of her back. Focus! Then came the forward bends.

“Not to sound like a sexist yogic pig, but I’m the only guy in my yoga class, and at times I find it challenging to ignore the fact that I’m surrounded by people of the opposite sex, lunging and thrusting and breathing heavily. The ancient Hindu text Upanishads describes the mind as a chariot being dragged around by a team of wild horses that need to be reigned in hard. I think my horses are those Clydesdales on the Budweiser commercials…” [read the rest]

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