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Craft Essay Series: Ottawa Poets “On Writing”

rob mclennan has begun to curate “an occasional series” of “short essays presented on a variety of subjects surrounding the nebulous idea of ‘on writing'” on the Ottawa Poetry Newsletter blog. Written by Ottawa poets who are either current or former residents of the City of Ottawa, McLennan says he is open to considering further pieces.

Currently on its sixth installment, the series features:

On Writing #6: Summer. Ottawa. 2013.
Faizel Deen

On Writing #5 : Who knew?
Michael Dennis

On Writing #4 : On Process
Michael Blouin

On Writing #3 : On writing (and not writing)
rob mclennan

On Writing #2 : Community
Amanda Earl

On Writing #1 : A little less inspiration, please
(Or, What ever happened to patrons, anyway?)
Anita Dolman

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