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Conference & Submissions :: Evergreen State College 5.1.08

A Cross-Cultural Literary Conference
The Evergreen State College
May 24-5 2008

Keynote speakers will include: experimental playwright, poet and activist Rodrigo Toscano; Gertrude Stein Prize-Winning writer Mark Wallace; poet Laura Elrick; novelist and columnist Randall Kenan, poet and film theorist Tung-Hui Hu; poet Leonard Schwartz; poet and essayist Kristin Prevallet; editor John Bellamy Foster; poets and activists Jules Boykoff and Kaia Sand, and many others.

This year’s theme is “Activism & the Avant-Garde.” Currently seeking papers, prose, poetics, groups of poems, and any hybrid text-based work that would advance discussion of at least one of the central questions posed at this conference: 1) Where is the intersection between political resistance and the Avant-Garde, both historically and now? 2) What is the function (if any) of “non-mainstream” literary work—and what do we mean by “non-mainstream”? 3) How has non-mainstream writing evolved recently? Any work that addresses literary matters in relation to commercialism and the economics of particular literary landscapes, imperialism, ethnography, feminism, postcolonialism, translation, globalization, web technology, or particular writers and/or small presses is especially welcome. All writers awarded panel and/or workshop spots will have their work published as part of an anthology.

Deadline for Submissions is May 1, 2008.

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