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Comics as Lit

In addition to Gerry Canavan’s “Comics as Literature” summer course, there’s a whole list of cool special topics classes being offered through Duke this summer. (Gerry adds: “I’ve recently found out that UNC student can take for UNC tuition. Tell everyone.”)

Check out some of these others (seriously, where were cool classes like this when I was in school?):

Black Feminist Interventions and Black Women Writers
The New Middle Class in China
The Politics of Religion in the Twenty-first Century
Education through Film
Cyberpunk and Technofiction
Inquisition and Society in the Early Modern World
Nostalgia for the 1950s
Fashion, Literature and the Avant-Garde
Contemporary Detective Fiction: The Politics of Writing about “Crime”
Imagined Islands
Human Development in Literature
Mass Media and Mental Illness
Atheists, Libertines and Machiavels
The Extremes of Horror
The Ghost in the Machine: Approaches to Self-Control
Migrant Women

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