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Climate Change 350 Poems

350 Poems is part of 350.org’s international day of climate action that happened on October 24, 2009.

On this site, 350 writers each contributed a poem responding to climate change (in a language of their choosing) in the days/hours leading up to October 24th. As an additional constraint – mirroring the real political obstacles and shortage of time we face – each poem had to be 3.5 lines in length.

“Why 350? Because that is the agreed upon safe upper limit for CO2 in the atmosphere (in parts per million). We’re currently at 390 and rising, close to what climate experts call “the point of no return.” This is a critical moment: we and our political representatives must act quickly in the less than two months before this December’s United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Visit 350.org for other actions in your area (there are currently over 4000 actions in over 170 countries).”

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