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Charles Olson Online Resource

Looking for Oneself: Contributions to the Study of Charles Olson (charlesolson.org) is a website anthology of Ralph Maud’s scholarly journal Minutes of the Charles Olson Society. Website proprietor Peter Grant writes: “Charles Olson (1910-1970) was a prolific poet and scholar with a revolutionary agenda whose outline can be discerned in his seminal manifesto “Projective Verse” (1950). Projective poetics found its fullest expression in Olson’s The Maximus Poems. Ralph Maud, emeritus professor of English at Simon Fraser University, is a dedicated Olson scholar with nine books of and about Olson and 66 issues of the journal under his belt. Looking for Oneself is a stimulating selection of memoirs, essays, transcriptions, reviews and guides to scholarship, with supporting material and an interactive news section designed for the website. Olson is not for everyone. To a few he is a primary thinker for our time. “I would be an historian as Herodotus was, looking/for oneself for the evidence of/what is said.” (“Letter 23,” The Maximus Poems by Charles Olson, copyright 1983, the Regents of the University of California.)”

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